CSV file breakdown

In a recent project I had a massive CSV file, and by massive I mean 2.8 million rows long. Unfortunately I needed this file broken down in to multiple files to process, so I looked to the masterful Google for help. Here is how I found to breakdown the files on a Mac and Microsoft machines.

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Accessible Table Generator

Content Editors entering content is the bane of all developers lives, as the Editors will add in the most ill-systematic mark-up through the Content Management System (CMS). However they are not developer and do not know what they are doing, that’s why I build an Accessible Table Generator for the Editors at my work.

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Less code and more tools

In the world of automation, DevOps and a huge amount of tools for website development are we doing less code and so becoming less of a developer and more of an admin? Over the few years of me doing web development I how found more things have come out the box to reduce the amount […]

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