The Developer

I am an efficient and hard working website developer with great skill in the development of creative websites. I use the most up to date technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and advanced JavaScript/JQuery. I then also implement the latest SEO standards to bring the website to it best rankings. This is all built on the ASP.NET Framework, which I also have high skills in.

I take in consideration when building sites the SEO, using multiple techniques to push the main point of the website and raise the sites rankings on search engines.

I have also done some Cocoa Touch using Objective C to build iOS Apps. One of which is on the App Store. I developed these with the Xcode program by Apple.

WordPress is another field I am working in, which I use many themes and not just used the generic code/style, but also adapted it for the customers needs. This is where I have read and adapted with PHP the most.

Apart from programming, I have helped maintain and progress our servers, by improving response time, clearing logs, plus more. These are local and remote servers as well.

Below is a overview of the skill set I have acquired and use to the full extent needed:

  • E-Commerce, Brochure and More Websites
  • HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS3, Design and Build
  • Javascript/JQuery and other plugin work
  • Website and Social Media SEO
  • C#/VB.NET, PHP and ASP Development
  • MYSQL and MS SQL Database Usage
  • WordPress and Blogger Development
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • iOS App Build and Deployment
  • Kentico CMS
  • Azure